Stones for Healing

Many people wonder if healing stones guide are real or an outdated housewife’s tale.

What exactly is a stone for healing?

They are called gemstones. The use of gemstones as a healing tool has been practiced for many centuries. It gained greater popularity in the 80’s. The amazing healing techniques have been demonstrated in America and Europe as well as Africa. This is especially true for Egypt where Mentuhetop (and Cleopatra) were healer-queens.

An example of stones that can be used for healing purposes is a papyrus dating back to 1600 BCE. This document gives a description of how healing occurs through Lapis Lazuli.

A particular Earth-based therapy that used crystal and gemstones for healing was utilized by priest-healer in ancient Lemuria.

While there may not be a medical basis that endorses stones for healing purposes, it is true there are many who fully trust this healing method. To improve these conditions, crystals and gems have been used and continue to be used in America.

* Tension
* Increase self-confidence
* Enhance physical abilities
* Healing the spirit, mind, and body

Common knowledge is that crystals can hold any kind of energy. Therefore, you will understand that both gems and crystals provide many advantages.

These healing and trans-formative energy benefits are available in many forms and can be combined with other healing methods like Reiki healing. The channeling of Reiki energy can be improved by crystals. The combination of crystals and musical instruments may improve sound healing.

For meditation to be more effective, you can hold crystals and gems with your hands. This can be done by placing a thin strip of felt on your third eye. Attach it with a gem underneath. As it is crucial for gemstone healing success, you should allow your imagination to run free.

A lot of people begin to believe stones are healing and start using them when they stumble upon a certain stone that they seem strangely drawn too. This stone can also make people feel calmer, happier and more relaxed. As the energy of the gemstone shifts to its owner or wearer, this is where the beginning of gemstone healing takes place.

You can have your healing done in a variety of ways. One can use stones to heal as jewelry, a pendant or even inside a glass of water.