What is a Buy Here Pay Here Dealer Network?

Financing is a great feature of quality buy here pay here dealers. All of these dealers share two features. First, they don’t need credit scores for customers to be eligible. Second, they finance directly their customers and do not need third party lenders.

Each location will have its own criteria to approve loans. It can be a big problem if you don’t fit into the requirements at one location. You might think that the other dealerships are also the same. A shared network can be very useful in this situation. The customers have a greater chance to complete the transaction at one dealer by using buy here pay now dealership networks. Dealers would have to spend time and money generating their own leads, and the customers would also waste time by applying to many dealerships.

A customer could apply online without a network and then see the offers of the dealer. With a network, all dealers are connected online to one application. This works in the customer’s favor. Filling out a single form would allow the applicant to submit the application and all dealers connected within the system could then take it. Dealers are connected to the system, and are calling customers. This makes it easy for the customer to get the loan approved before reaching any dealership. To ensure the customer does not have ten different dealers call back the information, an online filter is used to make sure that only dealers who can approve the applicant and guarantee a pre-approved loan to the customer will get their contact details.