Siver Bullion Bars, Silver Eagle Coins

The number of investors in silver bullion bars has increased dramatically over the past five year. Because the bars are uniformly sized, investors can easily store and handle them. Because they are marked with universally accepted hallmarks, they can be liquidated easily. Industry-recommended silver bullion bar sizes are.999 fine or 99% purified. They come in the popular 100 ounce, next-most popular 10 ounce, and in the smaller 1 ounce sizes. Visit our website and learn more about compare gold IRA companies.

People who buy 100-ounce silver bullion rectangulars often forget about the survival aspect and purchase it instead to hedge inflation or as an investment. Because rectangular bars are lightweight and easy to transport, they can also be difficult to carry and use to pay for goods and services. The purpose of buying bullion is to either protect against inflation, or as an investment for retirement. This is why people choose silver bullion bars as an investment tool over U.S. money coins.

Today’s silver investments have a bulk and weight that is approximately fifty times greater than those in gold. For larger investments exceeding $10,000, there are more sensible options for precious metal investing. You also have options for amounts less than $10,000.

American Silver Eagle coins are one-dollar official coins of the United States Mint. Investors often refer to them as American Eagle Silver dollars due to their single-dollar denomination.

In 1986, over 165,000,000 Silver Eagle coins were produced in the United States. They are the most successful silver bullion coins of any United States Mint.

Silver Eagle coins, made from.999 silver bullion, weigh one ounce and have a symbolic $1 face price, making them silver dollars. These coins can be accepted as payment in all 50 states because of their one dollar face value. Federal law allows the United States Mint Silver Eagle coins to be produced as “numismatic”. This means that they can also be sold at prices above their face value. They are sold at $30 each to collectors by television advertisements.

It is essential that the buyer only purchases items that are either collectors’ or legal tender from a trusted source. Secure purchase of Silver Eagle Coins requires that you order by phone to secure accurate prices. Also, ensure that the money exchange takes place within 24hrs of the sale. Also, it is crucial to ensure safe shipping. It is important to find institutions that ship via insured US Mail or UPS. They should also offer reliable tracking options. Also, it is wise to do research on the intended company. Numerous respected institutions offer references clients can call to learn more about the type of company they run and what their business is like. It is important to maintain client confidentiality. An institution that is safe will guarantee that clients’ information will not be shared or sold to third parties and that payment information is kept in the strictest of confidentiality. In addition to not putting client names on invoices or computerizing transactions, institutions that go above and beyond do not include any pertinent information about clients.

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